Too Much News from Too Many Directions

What? Wait! Isn’t it March that’s supposed to come in like a Lion?  It feels like the whole pride is here early! Too much news from too many directions, along with having piled my proverbial plate just a little too high, is making it hard for me to choose where to focus my energies today. Maybe it’s best that I take a pass on this week’s words.

Although … there are two things I can ‘link’ you to that have been especially heartening to me, so here goes!  First is this piece from one of my very favorite political reporters and historians (not Rachel Maddow, although she’s right up there). It’s Heather Cox Richardson, who writes Letters From An American almost daily. I love it when she highlights stuff like this. Then there’s this gem from my high school friend, subscriber Barbara T. who reminded me earlier this week that even when ‘bad times’ threaten to overwhelm us, we still get to Choose Joy.  And then there’s this exuberant link from our Inspirations archives. Just for Good Measure!

Published by Sulima Malzin

This 'Aging Rascal & Occasional Writer' invites you to embrace the world through her open window of poetry, art, activism, music, and humor.

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Great column! (Hmmmmm, wonder why?) 😊

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