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Book Launch

  • Book Launch of Words That Dance
    A reading of some poems from Words That Dance, filmed at the West Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on September 11, 2021. (VIDEO)
  • Inaugural Reading of Arms Filled With Bittersweet
    Inaugural reading of some poems from Arms Filled with Bittersweet, filmed at the West Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on May 21, 2022. (VIDEO)
  • On the Road
    Sulima is “on the road” this week in her native Connecticut, her arms (literally) filled with Bittersweet and Words That Dance. She will return next week with stories to share.
  • Poignancy & Progress at the Apple Harvest Festival
    Highlights from Sulima’s 2022 book signing trip through Connecticut.
  • All In The Soup Together … An Invitation
    I’ve heard it said that people all over the world are made the same … only the soups are different. I like to believe this is true.
  • Soup, Strike, & Sing
    To my principle of balance being best achieved when sharing both philosophical reflections and comic relief, here are two for your consideration.
  • Songs, Dances, Poems & Gifts of December
    Sunday’s “Group Soup Book Launch” is taking a lot of my time this week, but it’s not the only thing happening.
  • Group Soup & Book Launch
    What a turnout for the launch of ‘All In The Soup Together … Four Seasons Of Recipes & Reflections’!
  • Celebrating Our Elders
    … we and the world are alive again today, and this is the world’s birthday. And even though we’ll never be young again, we also know we’re still right here.
  • Making America Beautiful Again
    I remind myself of the good that is happening everywhere, thanks to the everyday people who have chosen to neither stand back nor stand by.
  • It’s the Merry Month of Motherhood …
     … or maybe not.
  • Signs of Celebration
    Finally … the place I knew would be home from then on … and so it has been.
  • Memorial Day Weekend
    …when under the guise of remembering our fallen heroes ….
  • Celebrating Summer
    A special edition offering first & foremost …
  • March!
    almost Spring, almost warm, and suddenly … there is more light, and suddenly daffodils and robins and the smell of damp earth yearning for fresh seeds. Suddenly it’s March again. Women’s History Month … In like a lion, out like a lamb? We’ll see about that.
  • April is National Poetry Month
    and the days are flying by …



Light Waves

Meet Sulima

  • Arms Filled With Bittersweet
    A memoir, rich in detail & sensory experience, offering poetry & reflective prose … a lyrical journey through the author’s history, stitched together with the thread of compassionate wisdom.
  • All In The Soup Together
    Sulima shares soup recipes she’s collected over the years. Each season is introduced with a poem & photograph, each recipe accompanied by a “reflection” that offers its own special seasoning.
  • Sulima Malzin
    Author Sulima Malzin, who at age 83 identifies as an aging rascal and an occasional writer, has been putting words to paper since elementary school.
  • Words That Dance
    Words That Dance is a small volume of (mostly) poetry, a collection of Sulima Malzin’s sweet memories, random thoughts, and speculation.
  • How to Buy Sulima’s Books
    Here are ways to buy Words that Dance and Arms Filled with Bittersweet by Sulima Malzin.



  • The Zoom Room
    Looking for the link to join the Conversation with Friends? We’ve got you covered!
  • Writing Lab: Where Our Writing Takes Us
    It’s time to restart my “Where Our Writing Takes Us” writing lab. If you’re in the Portland/King City area, read on.



Tell me?




  • Nosdrovyea! (maybe) 
    What?  In a week where enormously horrible stuff is happening in the world, it’s borscht that gets a spot on the U.N. protection list?
  • Speaking of Hope
    Hope is not a lottery ticket you can sit on the sofa and clutch, feeling lucky. (Rebecca Solnit)
  • Behind a Wall That Needs Tearing Down
    “Everything we need to know sits behind a wall that needs tearing down.” – Maya Stein
  • September Elegy … on the subject of Special Needs & Special Gifts
    This is one of those stories that practically wrote itself. The time was right, the words were there and meant to be shared.
  • The Slowdown
    If you’re not already familiar with The Slowdown, curated by the current Poet Laureate Ada Limon, today’s poem is a great introduction.
  • Happy Snow Days
    It’s time to replenish the hummingbird’s sugar water and refill the bird feeder (again). These little guys need all the help they can get.
  • Celebrating Our Elders
    … we and the world are alive again today, and this is the world’s birthday. And even though we’ll never be young again, we also know we’re still right here.
  • Time to Tear off the Roof & Take a Peek
    … make a bid for “higher” Education, add a touch of Feral Feminism & just for good measure … a dash of Irreverence.