‘Release & Renewal Conversation With Friends’ Reminder

Dear Fellow Rascals … aging and otherwise.  In the Spirit of the Holidays, here is your reminder for our  Saturday (December 30th 2023) Zoom Conversation With Friends, 11am-noonish PST. Our theme is “Release & Renewal”, a time for sharing what no longer serves us and is eager to be let go, and what we want not only to bring forward, but to invite in, fresh and new, as well.  I hope you will join us. Your presence will surely enrich the conversation.

Here are words to consider from Maya Stein, who graciously allows me to share her work.

It’s a new day. Bring your own fork. Bring your own footwear. Bring your own fragrance, your own faith, your flamboyance, your fetishes, your fashionable lateness. Become your own fantasy. Be your one friend. Believe yesterday was only a fragment. Make a betrothal of yeses on fortune. Brush last year’s offenses free. Banish your outdated fury. Breathe. Yearn. Opine. Flex. Or bleat. Or yodel. Or remember how to be frivolous. Break yourself out of what no longer fits. Bloom. Occupy your body as if it were flowering perennially. Write your blessings down, or yell them, opulently, into the span of a quiet forest. Brave the yeti of an old fear. Bulldoze the yoke of what’s keeping you fixed. Burn the yardstick, the odometer, the flagrant shames. Build your radiance from the flames.
© Maya Stein

And here is the link. See you soon.

Published by Sulima Malzin

This 'Aging Rascal & Occasional Writer' invites you to embrace the world through her open window of poetry, art, activism, music, and humor.

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To Sulima.
Love is water,
Caressing, volatile.
It seeps,

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