Reflections on The Supreme Court v American Democracy and more

For years now, Persimmon Tree, an online magazine of the arts for women over sixty, has been, for me, one of those little pockets of respite in the midst of a chaotic world … a reminder of who we are and what we have to offer. In what I believe will become a historic year for American Democracy, the magazine’s summer issue steps up to address head-on what can no longer be denied or tiptoed around. “These are bad times …. All we can do is continue, keep our eyes open, and remember that all politics is personal.”

» The Supreme Court v American Democracy

» North Wing: A Cautionary Tale with Poems By Dead White Men

Before and beyond Persimmon Tree, there will always be Ursula K. Le Guin, the Grande Dame of personal artistry. In her poem, “College” she tells us: When I was in college / one of the graduate students / was my instructor in the course / in what a woman is / to be …. Next he started teaching me / why women have abortions ….

Here’s a segment from Reading is Therapy and a link to Le Guin’s story of “The Princess” & “What It Was Like”. And right out there as always, Michael Moore has a few things to say about the Roevember Elections.

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