On the Road

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Sulima is “on the road” this week in her native Connecticut, her arms (literally) filled with Bittersweet and Words That Dance. She will return next week with stories to share and just in time for Second Sunday, Speaking of Poetry And … on October 9th.

Wednesday’s Words from Sulima herSelf will go out to subscribers a day late this week. Watch for it in your mailbox tomorrow.

And this for now. In the meantime and in preparation for what’s coming up, here is your invitation to take a look at the Southington Community Cultural Arts Center website. I was beyond delighted to discover SoCCA, to learn about its mission and its growing presence, and eager to add these folks to our growing circle of friends. Watch for more about them next week.

Published by Sulima Malzin

This 'Aging Rascal & Occasional Writer' invites you to embrace the world through her open window of poetry, art, activism, music, and humor.

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