Everything in Between

Post Pi-Day, Ides of March, & Pre-St Patrick’s Day Greetings! 

Whew!  That makes for quite a week.  And … in addition (if that’s not enough) this week also marks a couple of life-changing personal anniversaries for me which I’ve decided to share with you.  Why? Why not.  We’re all in the bittersweet soup of Life together.  Our experiences may be very different, but they all boil down to the same basic themes of Birth, Death, and Everything in Between.

On March 18th, 2014 at 3:20am my second-born child and eldest son, Mike, just 13 days before his 53rd birthday, quietly left his cancer-ridden body in the presence of what I like to think were two of his three favorite women …  his mom and his beloved only daughter, Jessica. His sister Chris’s plane landed at daylight.  Not too many weeks before, Mike had been hopeful that we might celebrate Mardi Gras together.  It was his favorite holiday … his idea of Heaven.  We often sang along with Paul Simon, and “Take Me to the Mardi Gras” has become part of my annual ritual of remembrance, along with our family supper of Mike’s favorites … this year it’s Spaghetti with Meatballs & Italian Sausage.  If you’d like to celebrate Mike with me, try this video.

March 16, 2016 was the day I had two stents implanted to clear arterial blockages that were causing me some discomfort, and while in the recovery room, along came a stroke that caused me to speak in ‘word salad’ for almost 24 hours. It scared the daylights out of my kids and close friends and when the aphasia spontaneously cleared it puzzled the doctors even more than it puzzled me.  I’ve heard it said that miracles happen every day, we’re just not looking in their direction.  This one didn’t go unnoticed and even though it apparently began a chain of events that kept me hospitalized off and on throughout the next year,  culminating with a surgery on March 16, 2017, I would not be where I am today without it. I am filled with gratitude for every moment of that year and the ones that have continued to follow … grateful for then, for now, and for Everything in Between.

So … Happy Women’s History Month, St. Patrick’s Day, and especially HAPPY SPRING!  Oh yes, and did I mention that I truly believe it is Humor that paves the bridge between the bitter & the sweet?

Published by Sulima Malzin

This 'Aging Rascal & Occasional Writer' invites you to embrace the world through her open window of poetry, art, activism, music, and humor.

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Wow! The scary year for your health was 2016/17? That feels so long ago, when looking at the dates, and barely any time ago thinking of how worried we all were. You have accomplished so much in just the last two years – 3 books, for instance – it is a good thing you stuck around!

Yes! 6 bonus years for me so far, including Covid. I learned from my mother to ‘never look a gift horse in the mouth’. Thanks for the reminder and the kind words, Kay.

Your mentioning the Bittersweet Soup of Life….”, I was jarred into the realization that I have been self-absorbed with my Parkinson’s, moving, etc, that I had questions about the past that I never asked. Like: how was it for you to be German in a Polish/Italian town, or how many children do/did you have and where are they, and how did you end up In Portland- Oh and, was your heart issue a surprise or is it genetic? Mostly, why did I never ask? Did I not listen? Was I oblivious? How rude. I learned much by reading your poetry and book. I have missed much. I am grateful to have you as my friend, but have I been a friend to you? I apologize for my lapse of consideration. 💕

No apology needed, Dear Friend. You’ve had a lot on your plate too. I love it that you’ve become part of our Second Sunday conversations and speaking of ‘rude’ … did I ever thank you for graciously hosting me while on my little Connecticut book tour last fall? Such a fun day!

Of course you did! Your Momma raised you proper!

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