Event: Calendar House Senior Center

If you happen to be anywhere near Sulima’s hometown of Southington, Connecticut the last week of September, you might want to check this out …

We invite you to spend an
afternoon with visiting author

Sulima Malzin

aka Shirley Malcein
Southington High School Class of ’57

@ Calendar House Senior Center
Monday, September 26th, 1-3 pm

Born and raised in Southington, Sulima has been an Oregon resident since 1980. She recently published two small collections of poetry and prose.

Words That Dance (2021) waltzes the reader through a lifetime of memories, random thoughts, and speculations … accessible, honest, fun, and hauntingly beautiful poetry …a lazy reverie of what was, what might have been, and what is now.

Arms Filled With Bittersweet (2022) is a memoir primarily focused on life in post-war, mid-century Southington and beyond, as seen through the eyes of a somewhat precocious farm girl during rapidly changing times. As its title suggests, Bittersweet is an exploration of life’s fragile pairing of dark & light, joy & sorrow. Laced with gentle humor and its’ own kind of earthy elegance, reviewers have called it rich in detail and sensory experience … stitched together with the thread of compassionate wisdom … maybe a touch of Norman Rockwell, but ….

To learn more about Sulima and her work, visit her website
sulimamalzin.net or contact her directly via text or phone at 503-957-8918.

To register, please call the Calendar House at 860-621-3014 or stop at the front desk. Copies of Sulima’s books will be available for purchase.

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Published by Sulima Malzin

This 'Aging Rascal & Occasional Writer' invites you to embrace the world through her open window of poetry, art, activism, music, and humor.

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